Rediscover Hearing

In the video below we see Mrs Brown’s Boys actor Eilish O’Carroll talk about how using hearing aids has improved the quality of her life after struggling with the challenges faced by those with hearing loss.

‘I can say that my quality of life has improved, they have made such a difference to my life!

When I couldn’t hear somebody or I couldn’t quite catch it, what I began to do was I began to switch off. I began to move myself away from people because I was too embarrassed to say “Could you say that again?” So therefore you move away from it, you switch off from the conversation. You’re missing out on life!
What the hearing aids do is they give the sound round me clarity. I’m not missing out on stuff, and that’s so important to me.

Hearing loss can happen to anybody at any age and I don’t think we are aware of that. From 40 onwards we should be having regular hearing tests. Just like we do with our eyes. Regular hearing tests. If you go every 2 years to have your eyes tested because you wear glasses, have a hearing test!
Because the sooner that you get help with your hearing the better quality of life you’re actually going to have.

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