Hearing Day

Free hearing test in 10 minutes

If you have doubts about your hearing, there is a fast, free and convenient way of finding out if your hearing is still good or if a hearing aid can help you. Instead of waiting for ages and arranging endless appointments and consultations, you can simply contact Sonetik UK on 0800 774 7575 or via our contact page to book a FREE appointment at your local LloydsPharmacy.

During the appointment you will have a 10 minute professional hearing check that will assess your ability to hear. If it should be the case that you have a normal mild to moderate hearing loss, your pharmacist or chemist will offer you the opportunity to try Sonetik quality hearing aids. Simple, fast and convenient.

And if there is something still holding you back from having a hearing test, rest assured that hearing aids have come a long way during the last years. Sonetik hearing aids are far too small to be seen easily and can be worn without embarrassment.

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