Simply better hearing in less than 1 hour


We know that in the UK, on average, only 46% of the adult population who report a change in their hearing to their GP are referred on for a hearing assessment.

Sonetik is a company with a mission:
To get to the unmet demand, by increasing accessibilty and
affordability of hearing checks and high-quality hearing aids.

This is what drives everything in our company, from our development of ground-breaking hearing assesment and product technologies, to our dedication to making hearing care available in places where consumers seek other healthcare solutions - the Pharmacy.

Rediscover Hearing in less than one hour

Our partnership with LloydsPharmacy provides us with the possibility to provide hearing healthcare services in places where so far, no service has been available. Making it much easier, and far more accessible, than the classic hearing aid retailer for a potential service user to access a free hearing check. Therefore the vast majority of customers we see have never had a hearing assessment before.

It’s never been so easy. A Sonetik audiologist assesses your hearing in a fully automated process. Should it be established that you have a hearing loss, your hearing loss is compared on a scientifically proven basis with various amplification profiles available with the Sonetik hearing aid. If a Sonetik hearing aid matches your hearing loss, the Sonetik specialist prepares the virtually invisible quality hearing aid for your ear and places it in your ear to try – all in less than one hour. That way, you hear properly again as quickly, easily and effortlessly.

Over 10,000 satisfied customers trust the Sonetik GOhear hearing aid, the bestselling hearing aid in Switzerland.